Khum Nara
Tea Meditationen for inner contemplation
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Khum Nara
tea Meditation for inner contemplation
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Khum Nara
tea Meditation for inner contemplation
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Tea ceremony & Meditation

The lineage of Tea Meditation has existed for millennia. Even in ancient times, people were familiar with the calming properties of the tea plant and made use of them. For monks, it was customary to calm the mind and sharpen their focus with the help of tea before long meditation sessions.

I see it as my mission to introduce you to this form of meditation, whether through a group experience or in an individual session.


Gong Fu Cha

My tea preparation method is based on the centuries-old teachings of Gong Fu Cha, which literally translates to ‘Mastery through Self-Discipline.’ This discipline bears similarities to that of Kung Fu, and the Chinese apply it not only to their tea culture but also to their martial art.

My goal is to prepare the perfect teacup, where various factors play a crucial role: water quality, ceramics, tea variety, and, above all, my ability to harmoniously combine these elements.

In my tea ceremonies, I exclusively use the highest quality tea from ancient trees. Thanks to their deep roots, these 200-year-old trees infuse the tea with their accumulated antioxidants, minerals, and valuable Qi.

The effect is palpable: the nervous system calms, the body relaxes, thoughts become clearer, and the mind is fortified.


Tea Ceremony in a group

Find tranquility. Connect within. Embrace the silence.

In this form of meditation, we silently take in the tea, entering a realm of inner contemplation. Gradually, the premium tea soothes our nervous system, easing the tensions of daily life. The tea’s gently uplifting energy stimulates body, mind, and soul.

In this state, there is space for clear thoughts and deep reflection. Topics that previously caused worry and consternation become clear. The answers to all concerns, fears, and questions are readily available, arising from within you. For the solution is already within you.


private ceremony

Holistic Tea Medicine: Just for You!

In this customized session tailored to your needs, I dedicate time to you. Depending on your personal requirement in addition to the enjoyment of the high-quality tea, I offer targeted inquiries, soothing sounds, or simply my presence.

Dive deep and let yourself be touched by this exquisite tea. Here, you’ll find space to truly delve into the depths. During our shared session, we take the time for 8 – 10 infusions. With each infusion, a new aspect of the tea is revealed. With each cup of tea, a new facet of your being becomes visible.